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Make optimal use of the social platforms Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Get the keys to communicating effectively with your customers!

Take advantage of social networks' power to boost your business on the web — an ideal tool in your digital strategy.

Take advantage of Social Media

You find social media an indispensable tool for your business, but it is a time-consuming task? You can entrust me with the editing of your social media posts. I will write to them in your usual tone.

You lack ideas to publish often? It’s essential to be consistent in your social media activity. I can also write your editorial calendars. They will give you an overview of your social communications for the coming year.

Social Media solution by Catalyzt

Stay connected with your customers! 

Social media is the perfect place to communicate differently with your customers. Launching a new offer? Get them involved by choosing the name. Want to entertain them? Create a captivating video.

The tricky part is staying active! It’s demanding both in terms of time and energy spent finding ideas.

But don’t panic! Catalyzt accompanies you thanks to its Social Media offer. I propose you:

  • Editing of your publications and editorial calendars
  • Search for hashtags for your Instagram and YouTube publications
  • Creating summaries for your YouTube videos

Some statistics on the use of Social Media in Canada

In Canada, there are now 25 million people using social media.

Advertising spending on these platforms has increased by 13%.

TikTok is the most downloaded application in the country in 2019, followed by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The short video social platform has only 9% of active monthly users aged 16 to 64. By comparison, Snapchat has 28%.

Video games are on the rise in Canada. The Top 10 searches on YouTube include both game titles and player names.

Some statistics on the use of Facebook in Canada

In Canada, Facebook is the 2nd most used platform by 16-64-year-olds. And 79% have logged on at least once in a month.

Facebook is used on mobile in 95.4% of cases. There are even 54.3% of users who only access Facebook from a mobile phone.

On the engagement side, we observe an average of :

  • 2.01% for any post
  • 4.92% for posts with video
  • 4.24% for posts with image
  • 2.63% for posts with a link
  • 1.12% for status
Facebook users in Canada
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Some statistics on Instagram use in Canada

In Canada, Instagram is the 4th most popular platform used by 16-64-year-olds. And 53% logged on at least once in a month.

There are slightly more female users (55.1%) than male users (44.9%).

There are slightly more female users (55.1%) than male users (44.9%).

Instagram users in Canada
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Some statistics on the use of YouTube in Canada

In Canada, YouTube is the 1st platform most used by 16-64-year-olds. And 85% have logged on at least once in a month.

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Photo of a person checking on Instagram on a cell phone.

When is the best time to publish on Instagram in 2021?

The best time to post on Instagram is between 9:00, and 11:00 am. To arrive at this conclusion, Later analyzed more than 12 million publications. Only is this time appropriate for your company? Based on the analysis of multiple time zones and accounts with 100 to 1 million or more followers, the best time to publish on Instagram, depending on the week's day, is...

Social Media solution by Catalyzt

Connect your customers to your brand and build loyalty! Social media is the perfect tool for this. No matter what your marketing goal is, it is always possible to achieve it on social platforms.

Social media icon

Social media posts edition

I will write your Facebook and Instagram posts for you. The ideal way to get them in advance is to choose editorial calendars writing.

Icône rédaction web

Editorial calendars

I will make editorial calendars for a month, a trimester, a semester or a year. They contain the date and time of publication, the message, an external link, a link to the image or video, etc.

icône hashtag


I will search for the most popular and relevant hashtags for your brand, according to your objectives.

icon video

Video summaries

I will write summaries for your YouTube videos. Ideally, link this option with the hashtags' search one. Service available in French or English.

The five advantages of the Social Media solution by Catalyzt

  • Quick understanding of your business and challenges
  • Written by a professional, trained in social media
  • Training in best practices
  • In line with your editorial line
  • No spelling, grammar or syntax errors

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