10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Avoid them to put all the chances on your side, for a winning digital marketing strategy!

It is crucial to establish an effective digital marketing strategy when creating your website. It may not always be evident given the evolution of Google and the continuous changes of the web. In this context, mistakes are numerous and can, unfortunately, have serious repercussions.

To avoid all these recurring errors that can undermine your digital strategy – and especially make you fall in the search engine rankings – we have targeted ten big web marketing mistakes for you.

Get ready not to be fooled again!

1. Not having a mobile-friendly website

The first mistake you should not make in your digital marketing strategy is to neglect mobile devices. Why not? The traffic on these devices is increasing all the time. According to a recent study, 3.81 billion Internet users, or 51% of the world’s population, use a mobile or tablet to go online. And today, on these devices, voice search is increasingly used. It means that if you want to reference your website and be operational, you must comply with these parameters so as not to penalize your SEO. Especially since Google prioritizes mobile searches.

2. Focus on generic keywords

Be aware that SEO is a very competitive sector. Everyone is looking to position themselves effectively and strategically. As you know, the basis of SEO is keywords. However, you should avoid focusing on generic terms that are generally very competitive.

Take keywords used by customers in your industry to search for “long tail” phrases. They help you find more specific and less competitive words.

3. Neglecting the power of a real content strategy

Don’t neglect the content strategy! You have just created your website; now is the time to do everything possible to gain visibility. Internet users are more and more demanding. They want quality content with real added value, especially since Google is now going to favour original articles in its search results.

It is not enough to pile keywords in short texts! You can be sure that your readers won’t stay on your site. It would help if you had a real strategy, thought out and adapted. It would be best if you first defined your content strategy, then take into account keywords and SEO rules in your text content.

Here are a few examples:

  • Lists
  • Tops
  • How and whys

Not sure of the quality of your content? Find out in this video how to test it!

Test SEMRush with this free trial.

4. Do not seek to engage visitors

It is often complicated to generate visits; you have succeeded, bravo! You must engage them and keep them on your site.

The more appealing your content will be for visitors, the more it will be read and shared. And, as a result, the better it will be positioned in search results.

Engaging your visitors is also a way to encourage them to discover other articles related to their issues or to subscribe to your newsletter. Quality content will give them the right image of your company and inspire confidence to leave their contact information.

5. Posting articles that are too short

The purpose of your blog is to share themes that are familiar to you. Don’t hesitate to target, argue, cite examples that can speak to your readers and bring the solution.

You’ll see that you’ll exceed 500 words by doing 1000 words quickly. Don’t limit yourself; write while you can!

Articles of less than 500 words are more difficult to reference. Why is that? Because it is difficult to deploy an optimal SEO strategy in so little content. Of course, don’t just write for the sake of writing. Get to the heart of the matter while adding your touch. Be creative and inventive!

But always respect your reader with a thoughtful, well-organized text that is suitable for web reading.

6. Lack of clarity in your ideas

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential readers. Think of those who will read to you. Prioritize your texts and make your sentences short and straightforward! Your main ideas should be in the first two paragraphs. Besides, each article should only deal with one subject. And this subject should be divided into several titles or sub-topics.

Unclear content quickly drops in notoriety, nobody will read it, and your bounce rate will explode.

7. Poor internal linking and no external links

Networking is probably an essential element of your digital marketing strategy. Whether it’s your internal or external linking, it represents 50% of your web marketing results.

Make sure that the links between your pages are consistent and on optimized anchors! Don’t forget that beyond three clicks, your pages will be complicated to index by Google.

Concerning your net linking, the principle is simple; the more people talk about you, the more important you are. There are many techniques to make links.

8. Thinking that visuals don’t matter for your SEO

It is a fundamental error. Of course, the visual is very important in SEO. Of course, the creation of relevant content is not negligible.

The visual side also has a role to play in how your visitors perceive your content.

Results? The more you offer engaging visual content, interesting and accessible designs, the more likely you are to generate interest from your Internet users’ very first visit.

Fostering the user experience will also allow you to keep it on your page for as long as possible.

9. Not taking advantage of Social Media

In 2017, according to a study by Blog moderator, 2.91 billion will have an account on social networks or 39% of the population.

They are a must to attract visitors. Nowadays, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are an easy way to quickly get a digital presence for your publications, your images, and the incoming links they generate.

Also, think about using hashtags to promote the visibility of your content in a proper way.

10. Do not share opinions and customer testimonials

Does that make sense to you? Being close to your visitors will allow your company to gain visibility and generate the interest of your targets. Opinions and sharing are perfect to illustrate your performance and customer satisfaction. It is essential to know that today your future customers are looking for recommendations from other Internet users. Moreover, search engines consider this type of data because it reflects the seriousness of your business.

Here are the ten biggest digital marketing mistakes to avoid. So how many mistakes have you made? Think about correcting them quickly and feel free to share this article.

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