Content creators on Instagram: 8 tips for success

Instagram tips for influencers.

The Instagram team gives content creators, several tips based on data from the platform. Make the most of video sharing with these tips for IGTV, stories, Live and in the News Feed.

Be authentic

You’ll be able to more easily engage your community with a post that feels personal to them rather than something that doesn’t feel created by you. Be conversational and authentic in your captions. Share unique and exclusive content. Make good use of hashtags.

Publish more frequently

Don’t be afraid to publish frequently. Don’t spend too much time working on your content. By posting frequently, you guarantee that your fans will see your content. Set a goal to post at least once a week, regardless of the format.

Also see when to post on Instagram for more engagement.

Get closer to your fans

Use the “Questions” sticker or mention (@mention) your fans in your Stories. An engaged community is the key to success on Instagram. And responding to comments can earn you a fan for life. Take a moment to like a comment or respond quickly.

Explain the context of your publications

Add context to your posts. Heading to an event? Post a photo of your trip.

For more explanation, you can, for example, publish several photos and videos in one post. As a teaser before a big event, consider using the countdown sticker.

Create longer stories

It is now possible to post longer videos in Stories, up to 1 minute. Every 15 seconds, a video recorded from the Instagram camera turns into a single video. It is possible to create up to 4 for a total duration of 1 minute in a single session.

It is also easier to upload up to 10 photos and videos at once.

It is possible to edit each photo or video individually, to save time.

Follow the rules for branded content

Instagram also provides some tips for influencers who work with brands. They join the best practices developed by Ad Standards.

  1. Be transparent. Disclose any partnerships with businesses just as Instagram policies require. This practice builds trust between the influencer and their audience.
  2. Be relevant. Work with brands you like. Their industry should match your “voice” in order to appeal to fans.
  3. Be authentic. Creativity should feel natural so that it resonates with your organic fan base as much as possible.

The last two pieces of advice also apply to brands. They should only work with influencers that are in affinity with their values and their product or service.

Optimize your IGTV videos

What makes IGTV content successful? A 2-3 minute video series with a theme consistent with your Instagram account’s editorial line. This way, your fans will have an idea of what they’re about to see.

The ideal format is vertical, 9:16.

To share moments of daily life, consider stories or posts in the news feed.

Tip: Get the viewers’ attention quickly. They must watch the video for at least 3 seconds to get a counted view.

Promote your videos on IGTV

Facebook finally gives step-by-step tips for promoting an IGTV video.

Steps to follow to promote videos on IGTV.
  1. Three days before: share behind-the-scenes content from your next video in Stories format.
  2. Two days before: display a countdown in your Stories.
  3. While uploading: View a preview of your IGTV video in the News Feed.
  4. 1-10 minutes later: use the IGTV sharing sticker in your Stories.
  5. 1-10 minutes later: post the link to your IGTV video on other social platforms.
  6. 1 day later: go live to discuss the reactions to your IGTV video.

These tips and tricks could apply to any type of promotion on Instagram.

You can test your Instagram strategy with online tools for free. In addition to being able to schedule all your posts in one place, they will allow you to:

  • Analyze the performance of your publications.
  • Track and analyze your competitors’ accounts.
  • Create and optimize ads on social networks.

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