Content strategy in Montreal

To make yourself known, stand out, establish your authority or federate your community, use content, an indispensable component of any digital strategy.

Attract your future customers with a well-thought-out content strategy.

What is a content strategy?

What are the platforms on which to communicate? What format should you use to stand out? How to be relevant in a short or long format? These are questions that must be answered about your business, your values and - above all - your target audience.

The content strategy allows you to make yourself known, stand out and establish your authority in your field. It is an ongoing effort, different from advertising. The goal is to bring a “plus” to your target audience that will adhere to your content. To be attractive with your content, it is not a question of talking about your brand but of making it speak and giving it a voice. To do this, you will need to have an editorial line.

What is content? It can be blog posts, videos, social media posts, white papers, etc.

Having a content strategy does not only mean creating content. It would be best if you also planned in the short, medium or long term, content distribution (format, support, etc.), find a tone and an editorial line to follow for each platform. But, also establish governance to manage it.

There is no magic recipe for content, and each approach depends on the company that implements it. Depending on the phase your prospect is in, you will not produce the same material either.

However, remember that your content must, of course, be useful to your target audience. Whether it serves to give credibility to your sales pitch, add value or establish your expertise.

Why it is crucial to have a content strategy

To attract potential customers, creating content has become essential. The objective is to accompany your target in its decision-making process (purchase, support, sharing, etc.). The potential for virality, commitment and return on investment is excellent. Relevant content adapted to your target and broadcast on the right platforms can have several functions. On an e-commerce site, content (demonstration video, product tests) can turn a visitor into a customer.

Content solution by Catalyzt

To stand out on the web and attract visitors, play the content card. Catalyzt provides you with relevant and quality texts to attract prospects. I write for your:

  • blog posts and websites
  • white papers
  • newsletters
  • social media

Working on your content strategy

Now is the time to develop a content strategy. Keywords, topics, editorial line, and brand positioning must be consistent. This consistency will help your customers to recognize you quickly.

Before starting your content creation

Content planning

Content creation

Do you want to put content in your strategy?

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What formats to use in a content strategy?

You can use any format you feel is relevant to your audience and brand. Among them:

Each can have a different impact depending on the sales phase your prospect is in.

Keep in mind that content alone is powerful, but not enough. Think about integrating your content strategy into an overall digital strategy.


Content solution by Catalyzt

Federate your social community and build customer loyalty with a top-notch content offer! Thanks to the implementation of a content strategy, develop your notoriety, your reputation or your authority.

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Content audits and editorial calendar

Find out how your content strategy compares to that of your competitors! In addition to a detailed report, receive strategic recommendations and a content calendar.

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Social media

Strengthen your visibility on social networks with relevant publications. YouTube is not neglected in this offer with the writing of optimized video descriptions.

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Web writing

Attract new customers with well-written, search engine optimized content.

The 5 advantages of the Content solution by Catalyzt

  • A high-performance, tailor-made offer, created by a content specialist and optimized for search engines
  • A second look at your overall digital strategy
  • A live and transparent relationship
  • A strategic involvement: I quickly understand your business, your needs, the stakes
  • A solution made for your reality: who can do the most can do the least; I offer you a complete solution, tailor-made, for your company, without inflating prices

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