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You are thinking of going online because it's easy to create a website and open social media pages? You are already online, but you don't see the benefits? Have you thought about your digital strategy before you go online?

What is a Digital Strategy?

Developing a web strategy consists in identifying digital tools to achieve its marketing and business goals. This can be :

  • set up a website
  • create a mobile application
  • develop digital marketing actions (advertising, influence marketing, social media, content strategy, newsletters, etc.)

Before you start, think about your business goals. What are they? Do you know your clientele? Are they present on social media, for example?

Being present is good. Doing it right is better.

Digital Marketing by Catalyzt

Choose Catalyzt’s Digital Marketing offer to get new ideas to improve your digital presence. What I offer you:

  • A complete audit of your digital tools: websites, social media, etc.
  • An elaborated digital strategy with tactical recommendations that are easy to implement

Do you want to improve your digital strategy?

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Why have a digital strategy?

Developing a digital strategy for your business objectives will allow you to:

  • Translate your business objectives into marketing objectives
  • Know your target customers and their web consumption habits
  • List your strengths and weaknesses as well as those of your competitors
  • Identify the platforms on which to communicate
  • Determine the actions to be taken at each stage of the prospect’s life cycle

Strategy solution by Catalyzt


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E-commerce: 7 tips for an attractive product sheet

Do you have an online store? You need to optimize your e-commerce product sheets! Writing an SEO optimized product page will help you to: Set yourself apart from the competition. Boost the attractiveness of your product and make people want to buy it. Improve your SEO. Influence the purchase decision. Moreover, you will offer a better user experience to your customers as well as to Google’s robots. So let’s see how to offer the best product sheets for your visitors and for the search engines.

Digital Marketing solution by Catalyzt

To boost your visibility and achieve your goals, have a digital marketing strategy. For greater efficiency, first, analyze your existing tools. Organize yourself by following relevant recommendations.

Marketing Audit

​I will analyse your digital ecosystem, its strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations to implement.

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Strategic Recommendations

I will develop a strategy based on your business objectives. I will provide a complete document with marketing recommendations to be deployed.

The 5 advantages of the Digital Marketing solution by Catalyzt

  • Proven experience in web auditing and customer acquisition
  • A fresh look at your digital assets and past strategies
  • A strategic involvement: I quickly understand your business, your needs, the stakes
  • A solution made for your reality: who can do the most can do the least; I offer you a complete solution, tailor-made, for your company, without inflating prices
  • A live and transparent relationship

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