Benefits of Using HubSpot COS as a Digital Marketing Tool

HubSpot Content Optimization System

HubSpot offers more than a CRM. In fact, Hubspot Content Optimization System (COS) is a new generation web platform for companies to carry out their website and marketing activities together. Hubspot’s full integration with other tools and user-friendliness make inbound marketers’ dreams come true. In addition, COS offers many amazing features that make it the best choice for companies.

Choosing Hubspot COS means being able to manage everything in one place (All-in-one). Many users are forced to use different websites to manage social media, analytics, email and other digital processes. Hubspot COS offers everything you need to do to grow your online presence in an easy-to-use dashboard. This means that everything is connected and reported in the same place. This way, users can manage their website, run A/B tests to see what’s working and get clear and concrete feedback from a single account.

HubSpot SEO Benefits

Most SEO tools require users to do outside research and prioritize keywords on their websites and blogs. Is HubSpot good for SEO? Hubspot’s all-in-one platform provides users with SEO recommendations as well as HubSpot content strategy tools, allowing them to quickly take advantage of keywords that will push them to the top. Hubspot helps you optimize your site for the right keywords, improve your search engines rankings, and monitor your competitors.

HubSpot supports your on-site SEO processes with its internal tools in every area you create content like blog posts. On top of that, HubSpot experts, who follow all the developments in search algorithms, adapt all services to current SEO algorithms without us even realizing it. It is also possible to analyze your keyword performance and the performance of your competitors with the Keywords and Competitors tools in HubSpot. Finally, it is possible to reach the links to your site (backlinks), the SEO values of the websites that link to you, and the visitors coming to your site from these links through HubSpot SEO tools.

Keywords, which are the key points of a publication or web page, are the supporting elements that get you where you want to go as soon as possible. Keyword structure is also an essential tool for HubSpot, allowing you to share what you want to say with people who want to hear it. HubSpot allows you to find keywords that are particularly important to your organic search results and organize your content accordingly. You can compare your search rankings with your competitors and get on-page SEO support.

Smart Content

Traditional Content Management Systems are popular as they allow users to manage and update content on their sites easily. Hubspot COS takes this a step further by promoting targeted content to specific groups. Smart Content is structured according to purchase journey lifecycle stages or contact lists. So, instead of creating general content for a broad audience, you can produce tailored and tailored content for new visitors, qualified customers, and repeat purchasers. This new approach will give your content strategy a new perspective.

COS is a topic cluster tool developed by HubSpot, beyond a simple content management system, to provide a personalized experience to your users. Of course, the only feature that distinguishes COS from its counterparts is not that it only allows you to show personalized content. You can also manage your blog and landing pages with COS. Supporting all mobile skins, COS distinguishes itself from other CMSs with its performance and security improvements. In addition, with the HubSpot keyword grader tool and social media integrations that come with COS, you can carry out your SEO and Social Media activities without the need to use extra plugins.

Customized Design

For those with no design experience, Hubspot COS allows users to build their websites with a custom template builder. Users are free to control the template structure design and editing as they wish. The template builder includes drag-and-drop features to fully customize the page’s layout, while the style manager; provides font, colour, style changes, and more without touching the CSS style sheet. For those with coding experience, COS gives you complete freedom to edit templates however you want.

Responsive Design

If you follow the latest web trends, you are probably familiar with responsive design. Research shows that 60% of internet users access websites from tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices. As web users increasingly transition to these devices, it’s critical for your digital strategy to have a website that will respond and adapt to various screen sizes.

Hubspot COS is fully responsive. Instead of manually coding the site for responsiveness, it does it for you automatically. With a bit of CSS and HTML knowledge, you can create a completely custom mobile version of your website.

Lightning Speed

According to a test carried out, Hubspot; ranked first in terms of speed compared to sites built using its infrastructure in WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Faster page loads will also improve your SEO efforts, as Google now adds website speed to its search algorithm criteria.

Analytics Tracking

Hubspot COS also provides analytics to help you find what works and what doesn’t. When your keywords are no longer performing well, Hubspot notifies you that there is an opportunity for improvement. Users; receives recommendations on internal links, CTAs, more landing pages, and opportunities to grow marketing. Hubspot COS analytics platform; It allows you to track organic traffic, page performance, leads and more all in one place.

Development and optimization start with a detailed analysis of all digital marketing processes. Since HubSpot is an all-in-one platform, you don’t have to worry about processing the data you get from different channels. HubSpot provides you with sub-metrics specific to a specific channel, as well as focusing on the big picture, providing meaningful analysis of lead conversion and traffic movement for all your inbound marketing processes. You can use the data you obtain directly in executive presentations, as well as access analyzes that can guide you about which channels you should invest more in. On the other hand, getting real-time data and taking action against instantaneous changes in the schedule has become the most prominent digital marketing problem of our time.

Since HubSpot is a service that is at the center of all your digital marketing efforts, it allows you to change the course of all your processes very quickly and to intervene in your campaigns instantly.

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