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Are you lost in the digital world? Don’t lose your visitors either! Local referencing will help them find you quickly from Google.

Catalyzt guides you and advises you on local SEO.

What is Local SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Local Search Engine Optimization, or local SEO, position a physical establishment in geolocalized searches or with a local intention.

Local intent is defined as a search (for location, product or service) around a specific area or city. For example, if I want to eat ice cream, I will probably Google “ice cream Montreal.”

Example of a local search for ice cream in Montreal.
Example of a local search for ice cream in Montreal.

Or, if I suddenly feel pain in a tooth (with or without relation to the ice cream I tasted earlier), I might look for a “dental clinic near me.”

Example of a search for a dental clinic near my home.
Example of a search for a dental clinic near me.

Whether you run a dairy bar or a dental clinic, in both cases, if you optimized your local referencing, I will see your company’s name appears in the proposed local results.

But what will set you apart from your competitor when it comes to choosing? Attractiveness! If you have the right opinions, an attractive photo and up-to-date information, you have a good chance!

Local SEO solution by Catalyzt

Get yourself noticed by new customers close to your business area!

Opt for Catalyzt when it’s time to boost your local visibility. See what I offer:

  • An audit and recommendations to optimize your Google My Business listing
  • An in-depth analysis of your local SEO on, and outside your website

Do you want to improve your local SEO?

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That’s what local SEO is all about: being visible when customers are looking for you or when they are ready to buy.

Why is it essential to optimize your local referencing?

The above examples show you: if you optimize your local digital presence, you have a better chance of being found by your future customers. But why is this important?

Google offers the most relevant results

Indeed, Google gives results based on:

  • Distance
  • Recency of information
  • Notes
  • Search History
  • Etc.

The Internet user will see your Google My Business listing before your website

When we look at studies that look at the human eye’s path on a search results page, we also notice that it is not linear. Indeed, when scanning a page, Internet users’ eyes follow a movement from left to right. They go where the results are quick to analyze:

  • The position 0 (the first block which answers most pertinently to your search, according to Google)
  • Google My Business listing on the right
  • Similar questions also asked
  • The carousels
  • Etc.

Exemple d'eye-tracking selon une étude de Nielsen.

So, having a Google My Business listing will allow you to stand out even if your website appears further in the results.

Voice search is very often local

With the emergence of voice search, it has become even more relevant to optimize your local SEO. Indeed, Google My Business data is used to respond to voice searches.

Learn more about local referencing

Image of Google My Business.

Google My Business: how to create a listing from A to Z

Do you need to improve your organic SEO? If you do business locally, take advantage of Google My Business listing to better position your business on Google.

Local SEO solution by Catalyzt

To be there when your leads are searching locally, optimize your local referencing. Catalyzt analyzes your digital ecosystem at the local level and optimizes your local positioning.

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Google My Business

Management and optimization of your Google My Business listing.

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Local SEO

Analysis and optimization of your local SEO, on your site and outside.

The five advantages of the Local SEO solution by Catalyzt

  • A fair knowledge of local referencing
  • Sharing best practices to be applied daily
  • You remain in control of your tools, even if I create your file
  • A reasonable price for quality work
  • A professional and transparent relationship

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