SEO or Search Engine Optimization​ in Montreal

Be visible during the searches of your future customers on Google, thanks to a good SEO strategy.​

SEO - for Search Engine Optimization - aims to ensure the best positioning of a website's content on a search engine.​

Leverage SEO to generate leads and sales

Every second, Internet users make nearly 39,000 searches on Google! It represents 3.3 billion queries on the search engine per day.

By positioning your website high on the search engine results pages, you can reach interested Internet users. You increase your chances of conversion.

Search engine optimization is about maximizing:

  • Content
  • All the technical parameters of a website
  • User experience (UX)
  • Domain authority and awareness

SEO performance is quantifiable with tools such as:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

Why have an SEO strategy?

When we know that the top 3 organic search rankings generate nearly 40% of all clicks, should we hesitate to invest in an organic SEO strategy? Here are the main reasons to have a long term SEO strategy:

  • Search engines (let’s say Google!) are the primary source of traffic for most websites.
  • An excellent organic SEO builds trust and credibility.
  • Quality SEO integrates a better user experience.
  • Local SEO is an essential element for the success of small and medium businesses.
  • SEO highlights new business opportunities.
  • Good SEO practices are constantly evolving.

Although the return on investment of SEO is not the easiest to calculate, you can almost always measure anything with proper monitoring and analysis.

SEO can be separated down into two parts: on-page optimization and off-page or off-site optimization.

On-page SEO

On-page (or on-site) SEO consists of optimizing a website’s elements to obtain a better ranking and more relevant traffic from search engines. On-page optimization concerns both the content and the HTML source code of a page.

A good on-page SEO helps search engines interpret the content of pages and analyze their relevance to the user’s query. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for search engines and users to understand.

It includes the following elements:

  • The use of links on a page: how many links are there? Are they internal or external? Where do they point?
  • The page load time
  • The use of structured data or other tags
  • The URL structure of a page
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Metadata of the page

All these elements are linked to the same basic idea: to create a good user experience. The more usable a page is (from a technical and non-technical point of view), the better is the optimization of that page.

Off-page SEO

Off-site SEO (or off-page) refers to all actions taken outside your website to influence your ranking on search engine results pages (SERP).

The main objective of off-page SEO is to improve the popularity, relevance, reliability and authority of a site through other sites. These other sites must link to your site (called backlinks) or promote it. This technic is called an external link acquisition strategy. In this way, they “guarantee” the quality of your content. There are three main types of links:

  • Natural links
  • Links built manually
  • Links generated by a user himself

Be careful; however, those backlinks must not become harmful to your SEO. They must be of quality. How to know it? Look at some signals like:

  • The popularity of the website
  • The website’s relevance with your business
  • The anchor text
  • The number of external links already on the page

Netlinking is the most common off-site optimization practice. However, all the actions implemented outside your website contribute to improving your SEO. These may include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Guest articles
  • Your brand mentions, with or without backlink
  • Influence marketing

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SEO solution by Catalyzt​

Choose SEO solution by Catalyzt to optimize your digital presence on search engines. What I offer you:

  • Writing optimized for search engines and easy to understand for your visitors.
  • An audit of your SEO strategy to quickly solve all the problems that can block your indexing.
  • A local strategy to optimize your presence in the area you operate in.

To recap

Organic SEO is a process that can take time: to set up but also to bear fruit. A good strategy often pays off in terms of increased traffic.

Discover some case studies unveiled by Google.


SEO or search engine optimization concept.

How to Make SEO-Friendly Content

If you follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules while writing SEO content, your content will have the potential to get a lot of traffic. But, first,

Image illustrating local SEO.

Local SEO: 6 actions to implement

Taking care of your local SEO will help your business rank well in Google’s local pack. Local results are ultra-competitive, so you need to make

SEO solution by Catalyzt

Increase your visibility on search engines without an advertising budget! By implementing an SEO strategy, you will attract more quality visitors. Discover Catalyzt’s solution to draw traffic, optimize your site’s indexing or stand out in first positions in your city.

SEO Audit

It is necessary to analyze your website and digital tools. Doing so, we: make sure they are well-indexed by search engines, fix possible problems of broken links, evaluate that each page = a single subject, therefore a single keyword, to check the optimization of your Google My Business listing and your social media, etc.

Keyword research

To be well positioned on search engines, you need to pick the right keywords and write relevant, authoritative and well-organized content. It takes a good SEO copywriter to add the right ingredients and create a well-balanced formula.

Local SEO

​If your activity is local, you must optimize your SEO according to your location. I can help you to stand out before your competitors during local searches.

The 5 advantages of the SEO solution by Catalyzt

  • A powerful offer realized by an SEO expert
  • A strategic involvement: I have a global vision of your ecosystem and your industry; the strategies also take into account the content
  • A solution adapted to your reality: who can do the most can do the least; I offer you a complete solution, tailor-made, for your company, without inflating the prices.
  • A second look at your overall digital strategy
  • A live and transparent relationship

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