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Whether you want to attract visitors or convert them, opt for simple, attractive and relevant texts. Thanks to my skills in SEO writing, I provide you with search engine optimized texts. With Catalyzt, be visible on Google and control your online communication!

Catalyzt offers you coaching, support and its best advice in SEO writing.

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is – as the name suggests – writing for digital platforms, with search engine optimization.

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Blog posts

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Sales pages

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Website and mobile app content

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Product sheets

SEO writing solution by Catalyzt

I write the right content for your target audience! 

I use SEO writing to optimize your content for both your customers and Google. My method guarantees to reach your target audience efficiently and sustainably, whatever your objective.

The Catalyzt approach allows, in particular, to:

  • Capture the attention of Internet users, with optimized title tags and meta-descriptions
  • Design an easy to understand web page architecture for Google and your visitors
  • Create high-performance content (catchy titles, various editorial formats, persuasive writing and plans, etc.) for each phase your prospects are in
  • Write optimized content that arrives first in Google on the targeted keyword

Why have well-written content for your site?

Having written content allows:

  • To be referenced on search engines
  • To give essential information to your customers
  • To have a quality site
  • To gain in readability, an important detail when visitors read on mobile devices, in particular

If on top of that, your well-written content is also relevant, you will:

  • Encourage your users to take action
  • Improve your visitors’ experience with your site
  • Create a link with your customers

The main reason for web writing is to offer quality and useful content to Internet users. But, if your content is poorly adapted, Google will not recommend it. Thus, quality content favours your referencing on keywords searched by your target audience. And therefore, it promotes your discoverability.

Want to improve the SEO of your content?

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How is SEO writing different from print writing?

There are some rules to respect in SEO writing. Writing for digital media is nothing like writing for a paper publication. Just as reading on a digital medium is not the same. That’s why content written for the web must be adapted to how you read on a computer or mobile device.

  • Your sentences should be short and concise
  • The main information should be at the beginning of your text
  • One text = one subject
  • Your paragraphs must be airy and have visual support

Here are some best practices to adopt when writing text content for the web.

Focus on readability

Google takes into account the simplicity of the text. Easy-to-understand sentences help Google’s robots index your content as much as your visitors understand your offering.

How can you simplify the reading of your texts? By using:

  • Headings to organize your content, catchy and paragraph-related
  • Paragraphs of up to 150 words, simple to understand
  • Short sentences, less than 20 words in length
  • Logical connectors between sentences
  • Action verbs, in the active voice rather than the passive voice, therefore
  • Visual impacts to highlight specific terms, such as bold
  • Paragraph breaks to make the text airy and read more fluently

The most often neglected point is to write to your clients. In web writing, we banish internal jargon. The goal is to simplify the message.

Some of these points depend, of course, on the type of content and your industry.

Link your pages together

For each written content, it is crucial to anticipate which other content you will link it. These internal links allow Google’s algorithms to determine your authority on the subject. This practice is not the only criterion, but it carries weight.

Structure your text

The content you write on the home page, landing page, blog article, etc. may contain one or more pieces of information. The most important thing is to structure your text. Indeed, the way you read on a digital screen and paper is not the same. It would be best if you, therefore, organized your text this way:

  • First, give the information the user wants to know.
  • Then provide additional information, which may be of interest to the Internet user
  • Put in other text for referencing, relevant and related to the topic

All you need to do is follow a logical structure for your organization. You can use several criteria.

Heading and subtitles

The main heading of your page, called H1 title, is essential. It should reflect your topic and include your primary keyword. Keep it short, a maximum of 60 characters. Be careful; you can only use one H1 title per page.

Ideally, your text will be divided into subtitles (H2 to H6), which will air your words and simplify your message’s understanding. These can be used several times. However, an H2 title will come after an H1 heading, an H3 after an H2, etc.

The starter

This introduction to the text includes some of the elements of the answer. It would help if you introduced your keyword at the beginning of the paragraph. It should be less than 100 words.

Keywords your target audience know

When you have found your keywords, use them in your content. Ideally, position yourself on crucial phrases of at least two words. To give weight to this key expression, use it in:

  • Your meta tags (titles and descriptions to display unique information to search engines, for organic SEO)
  • Your page heading
  • Your first paragraph</strong
  • The body of your content, several times, the number depending on the density of your content

And, to vary your content, also use secondary expressions and synonyms.

More about SEO writing

Image of an e-commerce product sheet.

E-commerce: 7 tips for an attractive product sheet

Do you have an e-commerce website? You need to optimize your product sheets! Writing an SEO optimized product sheet will help you to:
- stand out from the competition,
- boost the attractiveness of your product,
- influence the purchase decision.
Moreover, you will offer a better experience to your customers and Google robots.

SEO writing solution by Catalyzt

To stand out on the web and attract Google, play the SEO writing card. Catalyzt provides you with SEO-optimized and quality texts for your audience. I write texts for your website or e-commerce and your blog.

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Website writing

I will create the texts of your website's pages, title tags and meta-descriptions, optimized for search engines and adapted to your industry.

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Blog posts

I will write articles for your blog. I find the relevant keywords and research for a better paper. All this, to improve your SEO and attract prospects!

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Product sheets

I will put in writing the specs of your product sheets. The goal is to make them attractive for visitors to buy, complete in terms of information, and referenced on search engines.

The five advantages of the SEO writing solution by Catalyzt

  • Optimized for Google by a specialist in SEO writing
  • No spelling, grammar or syntax errors
  • Suitable for your content templates
  • In line with your editorial line
  • Directly published on your website

Quality content, integrated into your website

Thanks to the excellent knowledge of the CMS on the market, I deliver your content online. You have to click on “Validate” to publish them!

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