YouTube video: 10 tips to make it popular

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Want to launch your YouTube channel or get it off the ground? Check out our 10 tips for a successful YouTube video.

A successful creative concept can have a huge impact. Interesting videos can attract new users, connect them with your existing content and build loyalty.

Why choose to publish your video on YouTube?

YouTube, Google’s video platform, is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. But that’s a given. Today, YouTube is:

  • 2 billion users use YouTube every month (MAU)
  • Over 80,000 videos are viewed in one second on YouTube
  • More than 1 billion hours of video viewed on YouTube by users around the world every day
  • Billions of views per day
  • Over 70% of YouTube videos are watched on a cell phone
  • YouTube accounts for 37% of global traffic on a mobile device
  • 720,000 hours of videos are added to YouTube per day
  • 500 hours of video per minute
  • 30,000 hours of video per hour

It would take 82 years to view the number of videos added to YouTube in one hour.

So it’s time to take a stand on the video platform!

Use these principles to maximize the potential of a YouTube video

Here are 10 fundamental principles for a successful content strategy on YouTube.

1. Shareable content

Of course, it is impossible to predict that a video will go viral. However, there are different tricks to make it easier to share.

  • Identify a popular topic on the platform.
  • Create videos with a strong emotional charge: funny, sweet or nostalgic, for example.
  • Adhere to the values of your audience.
  • Create recurring series with high success potential.

Finally, optimize all your videos by explaining to users why and how to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

2. Collaboration

Your customers already use YouTube. To reach them, collaborate with creators from the platform that already speak to them. For this, think originality and authenticity. The content created in partnership with the creator should not look like traditional promotion.

3. High visibility topics

By covering a topic or front-page event, your content will appear when traffic related to that event is exposed. Also, create long-lasting videos that will keep searches high for a long time, such as how-to videos, DIY videos, etc.

Don’t forget to optimize the metadata, such as titles, tags or descriptions, so that the algorithm suggests your video in the search results.

4. Accessibility

Always think that your video can be discovered outside the platform. It’s important that even people who stumble upon it can understand the context.

For example, if they land on an episode of a video series, they should be able to enjoy and understand it without having seen the previous episode. Provide context if necessary, but don’t refer to videos they may not have seen. You can, however, include summaries of previous episodes.

5. Consistency

By consistency, we mean:

  • A consistent format: a recurring program or series that can be repeated indefinitely.
  • Consistent scheduling: put a YouTube video up on a specific day, and stick to that deadline.
  • Consistent elements: repeat secondary features of a show in each episode, such as the introduction and conclusion, or revisit certain segments.
  • Consistent voice: use a clear and confident point of view that is found in every video, even if each one addresses different topics.

In short, create an image and an editorial line for your channel and stick to it in every YouTube video.

6. Targeting

As with any content, knowing your audience is key.

  • Study content similar to yours to see which demographic is interested in it.
  • Analyze your current content on all your platforms and determine which customers you are getting a response from.
  • Design each piece of your content with the audience you want to reach in mind.

7. Sustainability

Have you designed a consistent format for your video? Now you need to make sure that you can keep that format for a long time. Why? Because it will help you serve your audience consistently over the long term.

8. Conversation with the audience

One of the features of YouTube is the ability to converse in real time with your viewers. Give them the opportunity to connect with your brand. They can give their opinion or even participate in your video.

  • Make an emotional connection: people are more likely to remember something that resulted in an emotional response.
  • Always ask the audience for their opinion: let them know that their opinion is important and that you are listening to them.
  • Respond to comments, both on videos and on social media.

9. Interactive content

Conversation with the audience can help you build loyalty. Interactive content is the next best thing. People take ownership of the content and a relationship is created.

Viewers can participate and interact in a variety of ways. You can:

  • share questions or comments from viewers in your videos;
  • integrate their own content on your channel;
  • let them decide on the content itself.

10. Authenticity

Last but not least: authenticity! This value brings viewers closer to your brand and builds loyalty.

  • Create a credible and passionate message.
  • Present true stories.
  • Share your brand story.

Checklist for creating a YouTube video that users love

    Développer des formats susceptibles d’être partagés.
    Collaborer avec d’autres créateurs YouTube pour rejoindre de nouvelles clientèles.
    Engager la conversation avec les utilisateurs.
    Faire en sorte que chaque vidéo puisse vivre indépendamment. Chacune doit être facile à comprendre par un nouvel utilisateur, même si elle fait partie d’une série.
    Mettre au point une voix, un format et un calendrier cohérents.
    Offrir aux utilisateurs différentes façons de participer au contenu.

Voilà! Maintenant, à chaque nouvelle idée de vidéo YouTube, demandez-vous comment vous pouvez intégrer au moins un de ces principes.

Also, find out how to broadcast a live event on your channel.

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